Andrew Shore, Executive Director of the Owners’ Rights Initiative made the following statement:

“The Owners’ Rights Initiative strongly supports the Supreme Court decision in Impression Products v. Lexmark International. The court sent a bold message in favor of owners’ rights.

The true winners today are consumers and businesses throughout the country. Patent protections should not be used to restrict the fair trade of legal goods. Justice Roberts articulated a powerful opinion in support of the values shared by a diverse array of consumers, businesses, and associations all over the world. This decision follows in the tradition of the Supreme Court’s pro-consumer and pro-business ideology that was perfectly encapsulated in the Kirtsaeng case.

While we are very pleased with the Supreme Court’s nearly unanimous decision to reverse the lower circuits in this case, ORI will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that the bedrock principle of ownership in our society remains protected. If you buy something then you own it, and can do with it as you please.”

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