Erin Mershon writing Morning Tech for Politico produced the following report on the ORI backed Farenthold You Own Devices Act (YODA).

SCOOP: NEW FARENTHOLD BILL TAKES ON DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT — Rep. Blake Farenthold dropped a new bill last night that would give consumers more control over the devices they buy. His new “You Own Devices Act” (Yep, the acronym is YODA) would allow users who want to sell, lease, or give away a device turn over the software license, too. “This straightforward and tightly-focused bill reinforces our First Sale rights and preserves our ability to truly own the products that we buy,” Farenthold said in a statement. “YODA is one step to ensure that we don’t trade the technological advances of the digital revolution and the Internet of Things for our ability to own the devices we buy.” Farenthold likened it to the cell-phone unlocking bill signed into law earlier this summer, and his approach is likely to be lauded by copyright reform advocates, including the Owners Rights Initiative, which already backs the bill.

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