“You Bought It, You Own It” seems fairly self-evident when talking about goods that consumers purchase and their ability to lend, share, resell or just give away to charity.  But in a world where rights holders are licensing more and more of those goods it is a phrase that will become a rallying cry.  This is becoming more important as physical goods contain a necessary software component and as rights holders require relicensing of those components every time the good is resold.  Whether it’s your laptop, a phone system in your office, or the refrigerator in your home, those goods, without that software are just a brick.  Imagine being able to sell your laptop but having to pay a fee to transfer the firmware?  The residual value of that laptop would drop precipitously.  The Owners’ Rights Initiative is standing at the forefront of efforts to ensure that when you buy something, you are truly able to own it.

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