ORI is pleased to announce that Radwell International Inc. is our newest member.  As a company that resells industrial equipment around the world, Radwell’s business relies on strong owners’ rights protections and we welcome them to our coalition.

Radwell is headquartered in Lumberton, New Jersey and sells and repairs electrical equipment used by a range of industrial customers, including automakers, chemical plants, food processing facilities and power plants. Radwell’s division, PLCCenter.com, is the largest provider of new and used surplus industrial electrical and electronic control equipment in the world. As Dan Love, Vice President of Operations, explains it:

“We buy back new and used equipment from plant closings, auctions and inventory overstock, certify these parts and sell them at discounted prices to customers around the world. We provide great service and real value to our customers.

“Some manufacturers don’t like the fact that we give customers the option to buy a used or surplus piece of equipment at a good price. They would rather customers have no choice but to buy new from the manufacturer at the price set by the manufacturer. Since our company’s inception, we have faced an uphill battle against select manufacturers that want to prevent us from repairing and selling used equipment. If the Supreme Court finds in favor of Wiley, these manufacturers would have the legal grounds to completely restrict our ability to sell used and surplus products, even though we have paid for these products and they are 100% authentic. This would absolutely hinder our ability to operate and jeopardize the jobs of those we employ in the U.S., Canada and the UK.

“Owner’s rights are absolutely critical and fundamental, not only to Radwell, but to the global economy. We’re proud to become a member of ORI and look forward to participating in the coalition’s efforts to defend owners’ rights in America.”

Welcome aboard, Radwell.

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