At ORI, we know that a ruling in favor of Wiley would have far-reaching impacts on all Americans. The repercussions would affect our everyday lives and daily activities. Consumers would have less choice in available products and price, and could be prevented from buying and selling used goods, borrowing books from the library or renting movies.

That’s why we hit the streets of our nation’s capital to hear what you think about case. Take a look and a moment to think… how would you be impacted if owners’ rights were undermined?

There are several steps you can take to fight this unfair infringement on your rights:

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  1. Andrew

    Jan 24, 2013  at 12:20 pm

    Eventually students will just pirate textbooks if they become too expensive. I’ve seen a single pdf of my $180 chemistry text passed along by at least 10 people I know in my organic class. Making cheap textbooks less available is only going to speed up the transition.


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