gift-boxThe bustle of the holiday season is typically followed by a related phenomenon: re-gifting. Whether you received a duplicate of an item you already have, think your friend would make better use of it, or simply don’t want that fuzzy sweater from your uncle, it’s likely that you’ve opted to give away or resell a gift you’ve received for one reason or another. In fact, a survey recently revealed that 87 percent of consumers re-gift.

Many of us have resold a gift after the holidays and many families make it a point to donate old toys as they make room for the new.  At ORI, we’ve been pondering how the outcome of the Kirtsaeng v. Wiley case could impact our ability to re-gift and re-sell after the holidays.

If you received double of that DVD you asked for, you might have to get permission from the manufacturer to sell it online.  Imagine if Goodwill wasn’t able to resell donated toys without the permission of the copyright owner? Their ability to process donations could be brought to a standstill as they verify each and every donation to ensure it can be resold in Goodwill stores.

If you are concerned that an erosion of owners’ rights could make re-gifting and reselling a ghost of holidays past, please join us. Become a member of the ORI and defend our right to own and our right to re-gift!

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